About Judge Dib Waldrip


Judge Dib Waldrip comes from a long line of Texas lawmen and judges – dating back to the Texas Revolution. Like his ancestors, Dib is dedicated to seeking truth & justice, law & order and honor & excellence. He has worked at all levels of the criminal justice system. Dib graduated from Texas A&M, then earned his law degree while serving as a police officer in New Braunfels. Dib worked at the Courts of Appeals in Amarillo & El Paso before running a narcotics task force in South Texas. Dib worked up the ranks from assistant district attorney to become the elected District Attorney of Comal County. Dib now holds the gavel as Judge of the 433rd District Court, and wishes to take his experience and values to the Texas court of appeals.

Judge Waldrip

Following late-Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Dib strictly interprets the Constitution; making certain interpretations stay true to the intent of the document as written. As Dib says, “Strict interpretation provides the foundation to ensure objectivity in the application of the law so that justice is consistent for everyone.” Dib’s consistency and dedication to justice makes him a leader amongst the 2018 candidates for criminal appeals.

Dib, his wife Grace and their four children attend Oakwood Baptist Church where Dib has taught Bible study. The Waldrip family enjoys hunting, fishing, kayaking, and scouting. To date, Dib and two of his sons have earned their Eagle Scout Awards, and the third is on his way.